Scholarship Society

You can help underwrite all academic costs (including teacher salaries plus benefits and classrooms supplies) for Small Steps students. Your donation will be used to educate Houston’s youngest and most at-risk children.

Individuals, families, and groups can underwrite the cost of a student’s education at the below levels. Donors may sponsor one or more students or an entire classroom of 14 students.

$650—Sponsor a child for 1 month

Sponsors will receive:

  • Recognition on website
  • Invitations to school events
  • Annual update of students’ successes

$2,000—Sponsor a child for 3 months

Sponsors will receive:

  • Above plus customized student thank you

$4,000—Sponsor a child for 6 months

Sponsors will receive:

  • Above plus special photo of Small Steps students

$8,000—Sponsor a child for 1 year

Sponsors will receive:

  • Above plus special thank-you gift featuring the children

*Sponsors of five or more children receive additional benefits


Sponsor a Student

2018‑2019 Scholarship Society

A big thank you to all of our Scholarship Society members!


Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Latin Women’s Initiative
Liane and Marty Phillips
Peggy and John Rathmell, Jr.
Reliant Charitable Foundation
H. Key Sanford
The William Stamps Farish Fund

$4,000 – $7,999

Lilly and Thurmon Andress
Gannon Family Foundation
Marion and Cadell S. Liedtke Family Charitable Foundation
Shelby and Eric Nielsen
Cindy and Allan Taylor

$2,000 – $3,999

Stacy and Richard Clark
Dunn Exploration Co. LLC
William Graham
Sippi and Ajay Khurana
Thomas Kliederer
Jennifer H. Ligums
Garland and Norman Linkenhoger
Braden Merrill
Mark Semmelbeck
Mark Ward

$650 – $1,999

Joaquin Anderson
Kathy and James Arcidiacono
Greg Boxer
Bebe and Bob Burns
Cara and Jason Cansler
Robyn and Embry Canterbury
Bryan Chapman
Alice and Mike Conlon in honor of Cecilia Friedman
Kelly and Joseph Coselli
Cory Daugard
Amy and Brooks C. Despot, Sr.
Lizzie and Ryan Devlin
Michele and Jeff Dodson
Julie and Michael Donaldson
Karen Donovan
Brad Fisher
Mary Katherine Franklin
Anne and John Freeman
David Garrett
Vanessa and Jeremy Goebel
Melissa and Daniel Goodman
David Habachy
Brian Harper
Susanne and Trevor Heinzinger
Cynthia Holloway
Clifford H. Hortenstine
Dinah and Will Huthnance
Patricia and Mark Johnson
Marion Leman
Drew Limbacher
Matthew Loewenstein
R. Paul Loveless
Danielle and David Magdol
Greg McCoy
Robert McFaul
James M. Mercurio
Marsha and Carlos Montemayor
Lauren and Bradley Morgan
Preston Powell
Parker Reese
Diane Robinson
Julie and Tim Samson
Laurie and Bret Sanders
Josh Schmidt
Caroline Simons
Julie and Jerry Smith
Celina and Jason Stabell
Elizabeth and Brad Thielemann
Michele and Dheeraj Verma
Tommy Waldrip
Julia and Carl Williams

2017-2018 Scholarship Society

A big thank you to all of our Scholarship Society members!


Melinda and Greg Armstrong
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Ladish Valves
Latin Women’s Initiative
Liane and Marty Phillips
RBC Foundation USA
Jeff Steen
Judy and Charles Tate in appreciation of Merritt Marinelli and Jennifer LaPorte
The William Stamps Farish Fund

$3,600 – $7,199

Albert and Ethel Herzstein Charitable Foundation
Lilly and Thurmon Andress
David Baggett
Lana Billeaud and John McGinnis
Kelly and Michael Handel
Mikey and Dash Lane
Erin and Michael Maggi

$1,800 – $3,599

Robyn and Embry Canterbury
Michael Dignam, Jr.
Dunn Exploration Co.
Whitney and Matthew Gordon
Amy and Mark Hammer
Cynthia and George Jochetz III
Keith Kerr
Liz and David Leiman
Janice and Richard Moore
Jeff Rawson
Michelle and Alan Smith
Alex and Bobby Stillwell, Jr.
Louis and Steve Sweet
Cynthia and Allan Taylor
Meagan and Jonathan Travis
Sharon and Curt Webb

                                       $600 – $1,799

Mr. and Mrs. Adam Altsuler Mr. Brad Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Gabe Mena
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Antablin Mr. Herman Flinder Mr. John Millar
Ms. Mary Beth Balhoff Mr. Joel Foote Mr. and Mrs. R. Adam Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John Berger Dr. and Mrs. George Gayle Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mize
Mr. Alex Bergman Mr. and Mrs. Doug L. George Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Mott
Mr. Walter M. Bering Mr. Christian Getz Mr. and Mrs. Riley Nelson
Mr. Michael Beyer Mr. Patrick Gimlett Mr. and Mrs. Ray Nix
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Bickers Mr. Stephen Goldfarb Mr. and Mrs. Sean O’Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. John Bookout III Mr. and Mrs. David Gow Mr. and Mrs. Chris Oliver
Dr. Marc Boom Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Gregory Mr. and Mrs. David Ott
Mr. and Mrs. Brandt Bowden Mr. Jeremy Griggs Mr. and Mrs. Philip Peacock
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Brass Mr. Adrian Guerra-Cardus Mr. and Mrs. Tony Pelletier
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Brazelton Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Haight Mr. and Mrs. Bill Phelps
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Brazelton IV Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hanson Mr. Connor Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Brazelton Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hassen Mr. Joe Pierce
Mr. Karl Brensike Mr. Von Henderson Mr. and Mrs. Matt Pomroy
Mr. and Mrs. Walker Brierre Mr. and Mrs. Steve Herod Mr. and Mrs. David Pratt
Mr. David Brown Mr. and Mrs. Thad Hill Mrs. Laura Robertson
Ms. Heather Bulk Mr. and Mrs. Lex Hochner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rubey
Ms. Kelly Butler Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hodges Mr. John C. Rynd
Mr. and Mrs. William Byers Mr. and Mrs. Gary Howell Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie R. Casas Mr. and Mrs. Jack Howell Mr. Matthew Shirley
Mr. and Mrs. Rob Chandler Mr. and Mrs. Scott Hudson Mr. and Mrs. Robert Shuford
Mr. William B. Chapman Mr. and Mrs. Adam Hurley Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Chernosky Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Ingram Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Smith
Ms. Marina Christensen Mr. and Mrs. Jason Johnson Mr. Robert C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cisarik Mrs. and Mrs. Logan Johnson Mr. and Mrs. John Stilwell
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Collins Ms. Melissa Juneau Mr. Michael Stulberg
Mrs. Melissa Cook Mr. and Mrs. Vik Kalra Mr. and Mrs. Tim Sturm
Mr. Jason Craig Mr. and Mrs. James King Mr. and Mrs. Brad Thielemann
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan D’Agostino Mr. and Mrs. Phil Kramer Ms. Elizabeth Thompson
Mr. Cory Daugard Mr. and Mrs. Alex Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Brian Tomayko
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Davey Mr. Rick Kruger Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trainer III
Mr. and Mrs. Zach Davis Mr. and Mrs. Tim Lathrop Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Tuckerman
Mr. and Mrs. Heath Deneke Mr. and Mrs. Joe Leary Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vermillion
Mr. and Mrs. Brooks C. Despot, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Loocke Mr. Donald Warmington
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Determann Mr. Daniel Lopus Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Webster
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Dodson Mrs. Danielle Magdol Mr. Coleby Weinstock
Mr. and Mrs. Holbrook Dorn Ms. Amanda Malone Mr. and Mrs. William Wheless
Mr. Anthony Dues Mr. and Mrs. George Masterson Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Duncan Mr. and Mrs. Jim McBride Mrs. Julia Williams
Mr. Jeffrey Erler Mr. and Mrs. Partick McCarthy Drs. Sushma and Haresh Yalamanchili
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Field Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McWilliams Mr. Rick Zimmerman