Scholarship Society

You can help underwrite all academic costs (including teacher salaries plus benefits and classrooms supplies) for Small Steps students. Your donation will be used to educate Houston’s youngest and most at-risk children.


Individuals, families, and groups can underwrite the cost of a student’s education at the below levels. Donors may sponsor one or more students or an entire classroom of 14 students.

$650—Sponsor a child for 1 month

Sponsors will receive:

  • Recognition in newsletter and on website
  • Invitations to school events
  • Annual updates of students’ successes

$4,000—Sponsor a child for 6 months

Sponsors will receive:

  • Above plus special photo of Small Steps students/artwork

$8,000—Sponsor a child for 1 year

Sponsors will receive:

  • Above plus school tour for you and up to 4 guests
  • Special thank you gift featuring the children

*Sponsors of 5 or more children receive additional benefits


Sponsor a Student

Scholarship Society

A big thank you to all of our Scholarship Society members!


Joy and Paul Posoli
Anne and Stephen Smith
Michelle and Alan Smith

$4,000 – $7,999

Michael Maggi

$650 – $3,999

Lilly and Thurmon Andress
Myron Greer Blalock
Kristy and Chris Bradshaw
Jessica and Fred Brazelton
Jane and Robert Cabes
George and Jill Schaar Caflisch
Beth and Drew Cozby
Janet and David Cunningham
William E. Crump
Barbara and Bert Davey
Mindy and Josh Davidson
Donna and Barry Donaldson
Julie and Michael Donaldson
Ron Finck
Kara and Patrick J. Fults
Christian Getz
Laura and Carl Giesler
Michelle Grace
Connie and Jonathan Gregory
Erin and Boyd Heath
Daryl and Aaron Hoover
Joanne Hresko
Katrina and Scott Hudson
Shelley and William Iglesias
Christy and Webb Jennings
Denise and Jerry Jungels
Alicia and Robert Kimmel
Kristi and Robert Kincannon
Leah and John Leggett
Susan and David Light
Kay M. and Brandon S. Lobb
Jason Martinez
Jennifer and Corby Martinez
Charles W. Matthews
Christie and Billy McCartney
Kim and Douglas Meier
Katherine and Caleb Newport
James Obulaney
Sean O’Donnell
Julie and Philip Peacock
Jason M. Peters
Kathleen and Townes Pressler
Keith Rae
Laura and William Robertson
Misty and Jim Roeder
John Round
Polly Schott
Claudia and Alan Stewart
Christine and Chris Transier
Patrick Trask
Maggie and Rob Vermillion
Ashley and Walter Weathers
Jennifer Webster
Eileen and Michael Wieland
Jennifer and Neil Wizel