Scholarship Society

You can help underwrite all academic costs (including teacher salaries plus benefits and classrooms supplies) for Small Steps students. Your donation will be used to educate Houston’s youngest and most at-risk children.


Individuals, families, and groups can underwrite the cost of a student’s education at the below levels. Donors may sponsor one or more students or an entire classroom of 14 students.

$600—Sponsor a child for 1 month

Sponsors will receive:

  • Recognition on website
  • Invitations to school events
  • Annual update of students’ successes

$1,800—Sponsor a child for 3 months

Sponsors will receive:

  • Above plus customized student thank you

$3,600—Sponsor a child for 6 months

Sponsors will receive:

  • Above plus special photo of Small Steps students

$7,200—Sponsor a child for 1 year

Sponsors will receive:

  • Above plus school tour for you and up to 4 guests
  • Special thank-you gift featuring the children

*Sponsors of 5 or more children receive additional benefits


Sponsor a Student

2016-2017 Scholarship Society

A big thank you to all of our Scholarship Society members!


The William Stamps Farish Fund
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo
Michael Maggi
RBC Foundation USA

$4,000 – $7,999

Gayle and Thomas Kennedy
West U Rotary Club Foundation

$650 – $3,999

Abbi and Robert Antablin
George L. Ball
Bank of America Matching Gifts Program
Colin Barnett
Kristen and John Berger
Alex Bregman
Walter Bering
Shelley Bracken
Katie Brass
Brazelton Family Foundation
Cindy and Lewis E. Brazelton IV
Karl Brensike
Heather Bulk
Marian Cisarik
Jason Craig
Bert and Barbara Davey
Tara and Heath Deneke
Michele and Jeff Dodson
Donna and Barry Donaldson
Droubi Family Charitable Fund
Dudley Family Foundation
EnCap Investments L.P.
Jeffrey Erler
Carrie and Thomas Field
Sarah and Doug Foshee
Katherine and Doug George
George and Kerry Gerachis
Christian Getz
David Glover
Trevor Heinzinger
The Hewitt Foundation
Michael Hinson
Kevin Holt
Katrina and Scott Hudson
Stacy and Jason Johnson
Katie and Nick Johnson
Michael Land
Joe Leary
Charlie Leykum
Jack H. and William M. Light Charitable Trust
Howard Lorch
R. Paul Loveless
Catherine and George Masterson
Pinet and Jim McBride
Wendy and Patrick McWilliams
Denman Newman Foundation
Robert O’Brien
Jill and Christopher Oliver
Christina O’shell
Tennie and David OTt
Ken Owen
Julie and Philip Peacock
Katherine Phelps
Margaret and Michael Pierce
David and Gayle Pratt
Kathleen and Townes Pressler
Parker Reese
Scott Schroeder
Matt Shirley
Caroline Simons
Robert C. Smith
Kristina Somerville
Chad Spencer
Springmeyer Family Fund
John Steventson
Alex and Bobby Stillwell
Carla Tharp
Lisa and Brad Thielemann
Lara Marie and Aaron Thielhorn
Elizabeth Thompson
Jenny and Jerry Thompson
Christine and David Underwood, Jr.
Gigi and Jose Valera
Ara and Phillipa Vaporciyan
Frank Verducci
The Vermillion Family Foundation
Sharon and Curt Webb
Linda Webster
The Laura and William M. Wheless IV Fund
Julia and Carl Williams
Jim and Sharon Wilson
Rick Zimmerman

$0.01 – $649

Donald Adams
Roger Aksamit
Alliance Bernstein Matching Gift Program
Michael P. Ames
Kenneth Anderson
Anne Lamkin Kinder Foundation, Inc.
Tim Ashe
James Baccus
Cindy and Sidney Bailey
Francine and Westy Ballard
Phillip Bannon
Julie and Seth Barrett
Kimberly Bayley
Brenton Bellamy
Tim Belton
Mike Beman
Charles David Bilberry
Bruce Bilger
Linda Bischoff
Lavinia Boyd
edward Braddock
Dale Bradford
Noah Bramble
Jean-Pierre Breaux
Ting Bresnahan
For Wine
Bryan Bulawa
Rochelle and Robert Bullock
Courtney Burger
Jill Schaar and George Caflisch
Colby Carpenter
Steve Carpenter
Deirdre and Francis Carr
Bernice Carrell
Chris Carter
Steven Caruselle
Payal Chana
Melinda and Jay Chernosky
Donna and Craig Clark
Charles Close
Frost Cochran
Doug Collins
Matthew Cooley
Sarah and Samuel Cooper
Charles Coughlin
Susan and Frank Cox
Jack Crancer
Allison and Miller Crosswell
Allyson Cunius
Rachel Curry
Tim Custer
Jennifer and Jon Daly
Kendle and Lance Dardis
John Daugherty
Jennifer and Ken Debow
George Demontrond
Rhianna Disch
Marshall Dodson
Staci and John Donovan
John Doughtie
Elizabeth and James Ducote
Catherine Ebbs
Gregg Edmonds
Madeleine and John Elder
Ramsay Elder
Sherri Evans
Tracy Everist
Raine Falik
Laura and David Favaloro
Michael Ferris
Katie and Johnny Forney
Rachel and Wayne Franklin
Vicki and Douglas Freede
Ashley Freeman
Bryant Fulk
Andrea Gentle
Barbara And David Gibbs
Patrick Gimlett
Jane and Dean Gladden
Vanessa and Jeremy Goebel
Jane Good
Kathleen And Martyn Goossen
Connie and Jonathan Gregory
Laura Greig
Brent Grundberg
Lloyd Hajdik
Georgia Harmon
Deborah Harper
Thomas E. Hassen
Michelle Haun
Ruth Hawk
Renee and John Hawkins
Elizabeth Hermes
Howard Herring
Chandler Hillin
Dee and Aaron Howes
Kyle Hranicky
Roger Huang
Shelley and William Iglesias
Taylor Imel
David Itz
Ken Jackson
Julie and Robert Jacobson
Elizabeth and Edward James
Jennifer and Blair Jeffery
Mac Jensen
James Jobe
Daniel Jones
Eric Jung
Mimi Kerr
Kristi and Robert Kincannon
Brittany and Craig King
Anissa and Jason Leaseburg
Allison Leibman
Chris Leighton
Jill Lein
Justin Leonard
Jennifer Ligums
Mary Livesay
Scott Livingston
Mimi and Bob Lodowski
Mike Lodzinski
Audrey and Justin Loweth
David Lucke
Loretta and Alfred Maksoud
Ken Mariani
Oren Marouni
Kimberly and Scott Martin
Dane Maxwell
Allen May
Jack May
Christie and Bill McCartney
Jennifer and George McCormick
Jennifer McCrea
Mary and Daniel McCulloch
Lydia and Eric McGuire
John McHenry
George McKean
April and Jerad McMayon
Tina Melo
Amy Melton
Nancy Moncrief
Karen and Robert Moore
Randy Moorman
Lynn Morstead
Bob Munn
Jennifer Murchison
Paul Nidoh
David Nightingale
Laura and Kerry Notestine
Katie and Kenny O’Donnell
Jamie Oliver
Lila Ontiveros
Anissa and Davis Paddock
James Page
Belinda Phelps
Amy Pincu
Lisa Prati
Greg Preston
Missy and George Purgason
Nancy and David Pustka
Chandler Quisenberry
Steve Raben
Amy and Michael Reeves
Amy Reid
Rhoda Reynolds
Leanne Reynolds
Richard Robert
Jennifer and Steve Roberts
Lisa and Mike Robinson
Michael Rowe
Carol and John Rynd
Kamala Sachidanandan
Carlos Sauceda
Curt Shaefer
Wade Sherman
Kelli Sims
Will Sims
Scott Singhoff
Richard Sitton
Leigh Smith
Sean Smith
Jill Stagg
Mary Beth Staine
Allison Stasney
Andrea Stewart
Carter and Larry Stone
Juanita and Michael Strickler
Eloise and James Taussig
Tris Tipton
Carrie and Robert Trainer
Christine and Chris Transier
Trinity Environmental Services
Karen and Trevor Turbidy
Meredith and Langston Turner
Barbara Tyler Henkel
Robin and Jeff Vancavage
Darren Vanek
Ann and Eric Voss
Leslie Wade
Mark Wade
Heather Walker
John Walker
Reed and Billy Wareing
Td Securities
Shelia Warner
Garin Wente
Catherine West
Vicky Wight
Allen Wilhite
Cindy Wilkinson
Lacy Williams
Lawrence Williams
Carol Willis
Kathryn and Thomas Wilson
Adam Wise
Jennifer and Neil Wizel
Mitra Woody
Janet and J. David Wrather
Katherine Wright
Margaret and Michael Young
Ronald Zboril
Thomas Zentner