Small Steps Young Professionals

Small Steps Young Professionals seek to promote the education of children living in inner-city Houston as volunteers, fundraisers, and advocates within their business and personal communities.


Members pay an annual fee of $50 and enjoy fun opportunities to network and volunteer with other young professionals in Houston. Become a member today and receive updates on upcoming Young Professionals events as well as volunteer opportunities. For more information, contact the Volunteer Services Manager, at or 713.236.0330.


Become a Member Today!

Small Steps Young Professionals Board

Cameron Brown, President
Robert Cannon, Vice President
Kyle Bennett, Membership Chair
Clay Rynd, Secretary
Renice Armelin
Brenton Bellamy
Haley Boehm
Matthew Clayton
Katherine Cokinos
Josh Gibbons
Jillian Green
Lindsey Harik
Jamie Hibbert
Peter Jones
Matt Kelly
Brett Knowles
Army Malki
Virginia Melo
Travis Solinas
Trevor Tamlyn

2019 Young Professional Members

Nick Barham
Katy Berkemeyer
Trey Brasseaux
Jolie Britt
Lauren Brown
Colin Burns
Katie Bushong
Taylor Callender
Phillip Carruthers
Ruth Carruthers
Craig Condon
Mike Dignam
Alexander Dimitroff
Amy Dunk
Katie Eisterhold
Walter Garcia
Amy Gilligan
Daniela Gonclaves
Patty Gorzycki
Cory Hall
Evan Harmon
Will Huskinson
Taylor Imel
Brenda Labelle
Ann Langdon
Jason Levinson
Matt Macon
Connor Michelsen
Robert Mills
Frances Mitchell
Abigail Russell
Tiffany Sammis
Austin Sandvik
Matt Scholin
Artur Shikhaleev
Sarah Sikorski
Nick Sikorski
Bryan Stahl
Christina Stith
Nathan Stone
Drew Taggart
Drew Tolson


Buddy Program

Being a Buddy means having a special one-on-one friendship with a Small Steps student. A volunteer spends 30 minutes each week with his/her Small Steps Buddy, engaged in child-directed play, including games, puzzles, conversation, and other fun activities.

Parent Education Events

During evening parent education events, staff and volunteers supervise free play and lead activities for the children. When weather permits, the volunteers and children play on the playground. Parents have the security of knowing their children are having a good time in a safe place, and volunteers enjoy playing with the children. Training is not required, but a background check is necessary. This is a great opportunity for groups to volunteer.

For more information on volunteer opportunities, contact the Volunteer Services Manager, at or 713.236.0330.