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Small Steps Young Professionals seeks to promote the education of children living in under-resourced communities of Houston as volunteers, fundraisers, and advocates within their business and personal networks.

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Members enjoy fun opportunities to network and volunteer with other young professionals in Houston.

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Questions? Contact Community Outreach Manager, Madeleine Haynes, at or 713-236-0330.

Young Professionals Board

  • Haley Boehm
  • Lindsey Harik Dignam
    Vice President
  • Patrick Atwood
  • Katie Bushong
    Membership Chair
  • Cameron Brown
  • Robert Cannon
  • Marika Carpenter
  • Carson Carruthers
  • Matt Clayton
  • Kelli Cole
  • Mike Dignam
  • Joshua Gibbons
  • Max Harris
  • Army Malki
  • Virginia Melo Ivers
  • Julianna Morgan
  • Ryan Nicholson
  • Joe Rambin
  • Natalie Ryan
  • Clay Rynd
  • Craig Schecter
  • Trevor Tamlyn
  • Michelle Williamson

Young Professionals Members

  • Joseph Candelario
  • Ben Dubois
  • Paige Ebanks
  • Walter Garcia
  • Britney Geidel
  • Will Huskinson
  • Taylor Imel
  • Stan Ingram
  • Kris Kindrick
  • Zach Oelsen
  • Kirby Richards
  • Geraldine Rothschild
  • Tiffany Sammis
  • Ryan Schick
  • Matt Scholin
  • Nick Sikorski
  • Sarah Sikorski
  • Erik Skahn
  • Ben Terry
  • Victoria Villarreal


Looking for additional ways to get involved at Small Steps?

Two Step for Small Steps


With last year being a virtual event due to COVID-19, we were so excited to return to an in-person Two Step for Small Steps event this year. Two Step for Small Steps is hosted by the Small Steps Young Professionals Group, and this year was an entertaining evening of networking, dancing, and fun, all in support of early childhood education for children in poverty. We can’t wait for the 2023 Two Step for Small Steps!

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Looking for additional ways to get involved at Small Steps?


Support Small Steps by volunteering your time!

Small Steps’ mission would not be possible without the support of our community. We are grateful to have hundreds of volunteers a year working to enrich our student’s education. Your time and efforts help us create the nurturing environment that makes Small Steps so special.

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Looking for additional ways to get involved at Small Steps?

Prayer Partner

Prayer Partners are assigned an individual Small Steps student to pray for throughout the school year. We ask that Prayer Partners spend at least 30 minutes each week praying for the Lord’s blessing, guidance, protection, and strength for his/her Small Steps student.

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